Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular Activities at your School

ISPA’s Co-curricular Activities (CCAs) focus on nurturing the creativity and personal growth of students outside of the classroom through the performing arts.

Our singing, dance and drama programs invite students to explore interests outside of the curriculum while developing their confidence and social skills in an environment of like-minded individuals.

Benefits of ISPA’s Co-curricular Activities

ISPA’s CCAs are designed to build communities in schools that celebrate and appreciate the transformative benefits of the performing arts. These benefits include improved:

  • Academic performance
  • Communication skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Emotional intelligence

By participating in our CCAs, students gain a wider perspective of the world. Many schools and universities appreciate co-curricular activities on resumes as they highlight transferrable skills, including the commitment and drive to succeed.

ISPA’s Co-curricular Activities

ISPA offers a variety of Co-curricular activities for girls and boys aged 5-12 including:

  • Raw Energy Dance – High energy and positive dance experience that promotes creativity, fitness and wellbeing. The perfect dance class for all experience levels; guaranteed to have boys and girls dancing (and laughing) along in week one! Styles include Hip Hop and Jazz.
  • Glee Club – Experience the magical feeling of making music together, as we learn to sing a variety of pop and music theatre songs just for fun!
  • Solo Singing for Beginners – Discover the world of singing within classes designed to excite young music lovers about finding their voices as soloists. Explore the fundamentals of music, vocal technique and performance delivery while fostering individual sounds and talents.
  • Pop Singing for Young Soloists – Explore the nuanced art behind the simple pop song while singing solos and duets. An interactive singing class where young performers can grow together in a group while shining as solo singers.
  • Performing Arts – Unleash your creative side as we deliver a dynamic combination of activities including team building, drama, dance and singing designed to develop confidence, creativity and presentation skills.
  • Speech and Drama – Become a more confident communicator as you develop public-speaking and practical drama skills with a focus on vocal projection, expression, presentation, improvisation and story-telling.

Prior experience in the performing arts is not required – we provide the experience and welcome students of all abilities.

Why schools choose ISPA

In addition to being well-versed in the performing arts, ISPA’s team of Instructors is highly experienced in classroom and behavioural management. This means that classes are a stress-free experience for teachers, and more time can be spent on skill acquisition and development.

Why parents choose ISPA

Many parents find our CCAs a great option for weaving a valuable activity into their child’s day that fits around their work schedules. We run our classes before school, at lunchtime or after school at your school, eliminating the stress of travelling to another venue.

Steps to launching a CCA Program at your School

1. Get in touch

Contact our friendly team to discuss launching a Co-curricular Activities Program at your school! We require a minimum of 10 students for any class to proceed, so provided there’s interest, we can start at the beginning of next term!

2. Find a suitable venue at your school

Depending on the size of a class, we can run our programs in school halls, gyms or classrooms.

3. Schedule your end-of-program performance

We love showcasing the talent of your students and encourage schools to organise an end-of-program demonstration performance. This gives students the opportunity to work towards a goal and share their learnings with the school community.

  • Georgia CreightonPrimary School Teacher
    "I think this is an incredible program that gives students an opportunity to develop a love of dance and music."
  • KateParent
    "You have made the whole dance process so easy for both students and parents and it is really appreciated, the quality of performances was amazing."
  • AngelinaParent
    "It’s really fulfilling to see how being part of the dance (troupe) enriches our kids in so many ways: being active and creative; gaining confidence and self esteem; and loving music and dancing."
  • Mrs. SandwellHead of Junior School
    "In a world where the wellbeing of our children is a major concern – you made each girl feel like an incredibly valuable and vital member of the troupe."