Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in joining AIGC. Please find answers below to your most commonly asked questions. For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Joining AIGC

What happens at a free trial class?

Girls are encouraged to attend a free trial class at Open Day or your local rehearsal venue before joining, which will provide a taster of the sort of activities we offer. It’s not necessary for girls to prepare anything for this class and your daughter will not be required to sing by herself. She will participate in the class activities with the other members of the group, allowing her to get a real feel for what weekly classes are like.

Where are rehearsal venues located?

The AIGC has two rehearsal venues including The Australian International School (AIS). For rehearsal times and information on our second venue, register your interest to learn more.

Does my daughter need to audition to join AIGC?

Girls are not required to audition to join AIGC and are instead placed into a class with girls of a similar age. We have an inclusive policy and our classes are designed to cater for varying abilities and experience levels. It is our philosophy that all girls can learn to sing given encouragement and training and we aim to make music learning a positive and enjoyable experience.

What is the commitment required?

Girls attend weekly classes as well as one additional weekend rehearsal prior to the mid-year and end-of-year concerts.

What are the costs involved?

Fee information coming soon! Please register your expression of interest for more information, including annual fees for your daughter’s age group.

Pro rata fees are applied for enrolments throughout the year.

Tuition fees include:

  • Weekly classes
  • Sheet music (Allegro and Avanti levels and above)
  • Involvement in Production Rehearsals

In addition to the annual tuition fee, parents are also required to purchase a uniform t-shirt. Further information provided upon enrolment.

Choristers also perform in two ticketed concerts per year. Information on concert ticket prices will be released closer to performance dates. Please note choristers do not require a ticket.

How do we enrol?

You can enrol online by completing the AIGC Online Enrolment form. Please visit the AIGC Online Enrolment page to register your expression of interest.

What happens if I am placed on a waiting list?

Some classes have waiting lists if the class capacity has been reached.
If a position is not currently available at your preferred venue you can place your daughter on a waiting list for the next available position or you may opt to receive a refund of your $100 deposit.

What uniform items are required, and how can I purchase them?

All choristers are required to wear an AIGC uniform t-shirt. Further information provided upon enrolment. To find out more, including the specific uniform requirements for your daughter’s level, sign up to our mailing list here.

My daughter is quite shy, how do you think she will go?

The AIGC makes it our priority for girls to feel comfortable and included by cultivating a safe and nurturing learning environment. Singing or dancing in a group is a wonderful option for young girls who enjoy the performing arts, regardless of their confidence levels.

We can’t commit to weekly classes. Are there any other options?

Absolutely! The International School of Performing Arts runs Holiday Camps which are great fun and cover a range of performing arts activities over a five day period. Visit the Holiday Camps page for more information and to express your interest.

Class information

What happens in weekly classes?

Weekly classes focus on developing performing arts skills in a fun and nurturing environment. Each lesson will see girls develop musicianship skills through vocal training which involves warm-ups and technical exercises, rounds, singing games, fun songs, and learning repertoire for the mid-year and end-of-year performances.

In addition to singing, our classes include movement activities and choreography, drama and speaking exercises, and team-building games. See our About AIGC page for more information on our curriculum.

Which level will my daughter join?

There are currently three aged-based levels in the AIGC.

Our junior@aigc classes provide girls with an introduction to the performing arts. junior@aigc includes girls aged 5 to 7.

Our AIGC Training Levels allow girls to take the next steps in their performing arts education, building their musicianship and confidence.

  • Allegro – include girls aged 8 to 9
  • Avanti – includes girls aged 10 to 12

We look forward to launching our Performance Group in 2025 with additional choral performance opportunities for our senior choristers.

Will my daughter have a chance to perform on stage?

All of our choristers take part in our mid-year and end-of-year concerts. By performing with their level group as well as in the massed finale, choristers feel comfortable performing on stage even at a very young age and find the concert experience to be a lot of fun!

All AIGC concerts feature small groups of girls and soloists who to perform special speaking and singing parts. While these opportunities exist for selected choristers to extend their vocal and performance skills, the primary focus of concerts is on singing in chorus as a community.

In addition to these performances, parents are invited to attend a demonstration lesson to see a regular class in action.

Do parents receive progress reports?

We do not issue written reports, however our tutors maintain progress records of each chorister’s vocal and overall development and are always happy to speak with parents at the rehearsal venue about their daughter’s progress. If you’d like to receive further information, you can Contact our Head Office at any stage for further information.

What sorts of songs will my daughter sing?

Each year our team of music educators and conductors from Singapore and Australia select songs that will appeal to:

  • the choristers at each age level
  • their parents come concert time
  • event organisers for public engagements
  • our staff team who work with the repertoire to create wonderful educational and performance opportunities for the girls.

Our Australian Girls Choir sisters are renowned for their entertaining, colourful, choreographed performances featuring a diverse range of repertoire. In previous years, choristers at various choir levels have sung:

  • A medley of songs from the blockbuster The Greatest Showman
  • ‘Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats’ and ‘Memory’ from the musical Cats
  • Songs written especially for our younger levels on the themes of the beach – ‘Between the Flags’, and sheep – ‘All’s Wool that Ends Wool’
  • Our senior choristers have even managed to fit ‘A Chorus Line Medley,’ Bulgarian song ‘Kaval Sviri,’ gospel tune ‘I Sing Because I’m Happy,’ ‘Nella Fantasia’ and ‘We Go Together’ from Grease into the one program!

How many students are in each class?

Each level of the AIGC has a class capacity based on the girls’ age. In our junior levels, class sizes are set lower as girls are developing new skills, building confidence and learning how to work successfully in an ensemble setting.

In our more senior classes, the girls’ skills have developed to include complicated choreography and harmony singing, and this requires the support of a larger group. Class capacities for each level are as follows:

  • junior@aigc: 25
  • Allegro Level: 30
  • Avanti Level: 35

Where do AIGC Tutors come from?

We are very proud of our vibrant and engaging staff team across Singapore and Australia. Our Tutors are all fine musicians in their own right, and have completed or are in the process of completing tertiary studies in music, singing, performance and/or education. Many of our tutors have had a long association with the AGC either as choristers or staff members, and they all share their expertise and passion for music with our choristers. All AIGC staff undertake regular professional development and training in the AIGC curriculum.