School Workshops

Performing Arts Workshops at your School

At ISPA, we believe that the performing arts play an important role in every student’s holistic learning journey.

We deliver interactive singing, dance and drama workshops in schools as part of your music, dance, drama or health and wellbeing curriculum. Our workshops are designed to stimulate creativity, foster team-work and deliver outstanding results.

Our team is made up of the very best facilitators, instructors and arts educators who have a wealth of experience in delivering workshops across all parts of the world, including Australia and Singapore.

School Concerts, Musicals and Special Events

Let ISPA help your school prepare for an upcoming concert, design your school musical, or showcase your school at a special event. With the support of ISPA team, staff and students will enjoy the process of preparing a performances that audiences and the wider community will love.


We can work with content of your choice, or we can decide on a particular piece based on the needs of your school. Options can include (but are not limited to):

  • A school musical or concert
  • A graduation ceremony
  • Open Day
  • A dance or singing competition
  • A community festival

School concert workshops can be delivered in a single session, weekly for a term, or over a full school semester. Get in touch with our team to discuss a quote!

Singing Workshops

A workshop with ISPA gives your choir the opportunity to work with professionally trained choral conductors. Our workshops are designed to enhance the skills of teachers and to assist in motivating students to achieve vibrant results. Option to maximise your workshop by adding a one-on-one professional development session with an ISPA Instructor.


  • Vocal warm ups.
  • Short songs and rounds.
  • Part singing.
  • Vocal health education.
  • Body percussion.
  • Choreography.
  • Exploration of musical styles.
  • Learning new repertoire and workshopping content.

Get in touch with our team to discuss a quote for a Singing workshop at your school!

Raw Energy Dance Education Workshops

Based on the highly successful REDed Dance program, our dynamic dance workshops encourage all students to get active and have fun as they develop coordination, confidence and fitness in a safe and inclusive learning environment. The high energy, positive environment encourages students of all experience levels to participate, with both a fitness and creative arts focus.


  • Warm ups and cool downs.
  • Activities designed to promote coordination, rhythm, creativity and teamwork.
  • Routines covering a range of styles including hip-hop, jazz, musical theatre, world dance and creative dance.
  • Mindfulness and reflection sections to connect the student to their creative and expressive instincts.
  • Opportunities to integrate content into Concerts and Graduation Nights.

Get in touch with our team to discuss a quote for a Dance workshop at your school!

Drama Workshops

From drama games and public speaking, to coaching and directing for your school’s latest production, ASPA Education will help your students develop important life skills that are transferable to all other disciplines. Our programs are designed to build confidence, creativity, self awareness, problem solving and to foster new friendships.


  • Warm ups and team building activities.
  • Improvisation, storytelling, movement and mime.
  • Exploration of the voice, projection and clarity of speech, body language and expression.
  • Script writing – generation of ideas, critical analysis, character development, structure and format.
  • Preparation for school concerts and productions.

Get in touch with our team to discuss a quote for a Drama workshop at your school!


Variable – ranging from
a single workshop to a
year-long program




Programs tailored based on requirements
Preparation for concerts/musicals
Singing/dance/drama workshops
Coaching and stage management
Content selection
Copyright licensing


Students work as a team
Develop confidence and self-esteem
Teachers supported by
experienced instructors
Parents and community enjoy
high-standard performances

  • Mrs. MoffattPrimary School Teacher
    "This was the first time on stage for many of our students so a wonderful step in their social and emotional growth."
  • Caroline McInerneyPrimary School Teacher
    "The students were highly engaged and they thoroughly enjoyed their sessions. Grace connected with the students with her bubbly personality and her classroom management seemed effortless."
  • Georgia CreightonPrimary School Teacher
    "I think this is an incredible program that gives students an opportunity to develop a love of dance and music."
  • Clare HylandMusic Teacher
    "Our students loved every session and the teachers really appreciate having someone so capable running the show."