Singing and so much more at the Australian International Girls Choir

Singing and so much more at the Australian International Girls Choir
16/04/2024 ISPA

Singing and so much more at the Australian International Girls Choir

Here at the AIGC, we know that the benefits of an enriching performing arts education go far beyond the stage or classroom.

With 40 years of experience training girls as part of the Australian Girls Choir, we’ve helped thousands of girls grow into the best versions of themselves, setting them on a path of lifelong learning and future success. Parents are often surprised at how much their daughter grows ‘off the stage’ as a member of the choir, blossoming musically and socially through our outstanding musical education. So how do we help our choristers grow from little girls into confident and happy young women through music? Read on to find out, or try a free class at our June Open Day and see for yourself!

Growing musically and developing presentation skills

The philosophy at AIGC is that every child can learn to sing given encouragement and training, which is something that sets us apart from other choirs. Girls are not required to audition to join the choir, as our dynamic curriculum is designed to cater to varying abilities and confidence levels. This means that every chorister has the opportunity to be challenged individually while growing within an ensemble.

“AGC is a non-judgmental inclusive environment. It’s one of the most well run organisations we have had the pleasure to be part of (as parents who don’t know the ‘performance’ ropes!). The girls are empowered with responsibility for themselves and others through the amazing mentoring between the year groups.” – The Ewing Family

In addition to developing her musicality and vocal skills, concurrently, girls develop a host of transferrable skills as part of their involvement in weekly AIGC classes. Standing tall and proud, taking pride in presentation and singing from an open place are just a few of the elements of our training that exist to build the confidence of choristers for the concert stage and beyond.

“It’s worth every penny to see her beaming after rehearsals each week and watch her incredible confidence each time she steps onto the stage in concerts.” – Louise Miles, Parent

Improving her sense of happiness and wellbeing

Singing has well-known wellbeing benefits as it decreases stress, releases endorphins and boosts positive emotions. Research has found that people feel more positive after actively singing than they do after passively listening to music, which is why our classes are often the highlight of our choristers’ weeks.

“They love their teachers. They love the music, the actions and the dance. They enjoy the friendships they make there. No matter how tired they are, they never want to miss choir rehearsal.” – Deb Babatunde, Parent

Singing also allows our choristers the opportunity to explore their creativity and express themselves through music, enhancing their ability to self-regulate emotions. Girls are encouraged and supported by our Tutors every step of the way, and our non-competitive learning environment mean girls feel safe to use their voice and connect with the music and lyrics.

 “My daughter loves to sing. It’s the one thing that always makes her happy. I firmly believe that her many years of involvement in the choir have been important for her emotional and psychological well-being.” – Sydney Parent

Having fun and make new friends

The AIGC is a place where your daughter will come together with other like-minded girls to sing, laugh and grow together in her weekly lessons. Girls gain a sense of belonging when learning in group of girls with shared interests and goals, which often results in lifelong friendships being formed.

“It gives her an artistic outlet separate from her mainstream life and has provided her with a friendship circle of likeminded girls away from the peer group pressure of school. She has always said that at AGC you can be you with no judgement and that everyone lifts those around them to be the best they can be.” – Leonie van der Molen

By being a member of the choir, our choristers are reliant on listening to one another to create a smooth and blended sound or harmony, and having awareness of other bodies in the space to present complex choreography. This is something that individual singing lessons cannot teach, and cultivates teamwork – a transferrable skill to carry into any career.

“Quite simply, she loves singing, but one-on-one singing lessons could never give her what the AGC can: fun, friendships, performance opportunities, role models, female solidarity and the sheer realisation of the powerful magic you create when you work as a team.” – Daniela Andrews, Parent

When considering the AIGC as part of your daughter’s musical education, one must also consider the wealth of transformative socials, psychological and wellbeing benefits that the curriculum promotes. Experience the AIGC difference for yourself and join our mailing list for more information about our June Open Day, enrolling at the AIGC and more.